Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Panorama Camp | Langkawi Trip

It's been quite a while since I stepped my foot to Langkawi Island. After 2008, I haven't been to Langkawi much like I used to before. No more courses, means no more Langkawi for me.

I registered for a BTN course and I was suppose to register for the course there, so I decided not to leave my camera (although I left my bigma & tammy) with me regardless any chances of not being able to shoot anything during the course.

I was right; I don't have any free time to shoot; yet the course was cool. It was a great course. The trainers was cool; and we had a gr8 time.

The last day, I asked for permission to use my camera; and I shot whatever close in front of me. Although I was unable to shoot the hornbills and drongos, I'm satisfied.. At least I can shoot pics of me & friends..

Will visit Langkawi again; and this time I'm going birding!

Here are some of the pics I took during my time there.

Dataran Lang (Textured)
The Eagle | Dataran Lang | Langkawi (by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™)

My group
Group 3 | Kem Panorama (by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™)

Group Shot (Vintage Textured)
Group Shot | Vintage (by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™)

The Argiope Versicolor
Argiope versicolor | Panorama Camp (by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™)

The Colugo @ Flying Lemur
Colugo | Flying Lemur (by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™)