Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sir Mart d0t Net v3 : Hacked!

It's my playground. It's my life. It's all that matters to me. And now it's gone. Darn you cracker.. (ya.. u r not a hacker.. u r just a stupid cracker that got lucky).
Anyhow, I am sorry to all my friends and colleagues who are not able to surf my site. I'll find my time to update this blog with the download links if you need them.

For the time being, if any assistance needed, please email me at: im[at]sirmart.net or I can be reached by three messengers. Skype : MSN : Yahoo! Messenger.

Skype: sirmart
MSN: sirmart[at]live.com
YM: ahmadradhafizal

**[at] change to alias :P

Sorry for all the inconvenience.

Sir Mart


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that...ur website was one of my favourite website..very informative man..but no worries..i think u can do much better than that..keep up a good work..
tp sayangnyer kan..dh cantik n kemas dh everything..takpe, jatuh sekali it doesn't mean that u'll fail n fall 4ever bro..adios..

Sir Mart said...

thanks for your comment and support.. for the time being still I am thinking whether I would continue what I started or stop it.. Who knows what I might do next.. Maybe I'll continue 'mourning' or maybe I'll open a new chapter.. :D
anyhow do contact me if help needed. :D

FiQ OnLinE said...

wahhh cikgu mat ada blog! HEHEHE fiq terperasan time gi cc penaga, ade website sk penaga! tue yg fiq bukak, mesti dah agak cikgu mat yang buat.. tapi kenapa fiq nak daftar dalam forum tue tapi tak boleh, hehehe kot kot boleh tolong cikgu mat jadi Mod ker.. HEHEHE kenal lagi ke fiq nie? kalau rajin, masuk2 lah blog fiq.. ade harga promosi pembinaan laman web..