Monday, June 29, 2009

M4SC Annual Ride '09

It's been two years since I attended M4SC's annual ride. This year I nearly miss it again, due to health and program held at school. Luckily I manage to ride alone to Teluk Batik and meet my friends. I had a great time despite the sickness. I also manage to shoot a few panoramic shots of Teluk Batik..
Here are the pics from the events..

Group Shot #1 - Panorama Version
Group Shot 1 : Annual Ride 09

Group Shot #2 - Wide version
Group Shot 2 : Annual Ride 09

Teluk Batik - Playing with Cokin
Teluk Batik, Lumut, Malaysia

Purple Tree (IR)
Purple Tree (IR)

BBC Chapter and me
Bukit Beruntung Chapter

For AR2010...
Serah Tugas

The rest of the shots can be viewed here..
M4SC Annual Ride 2009

M4SC AR'09 Videos

#1 Penyerahan Tugas

#2 Goodbye.. See you next year!

#3 Ride home

Friday, June 26, 2009

Macro @ Cherok To' Kun VI

Last Sunday morning, I got a call from Malaysian Macro Team's Rizalis, asking me on my plans for the day. As I was still sleeping (and plans to continue), I told him I don't have any. He told me about his coming to Penang for macro and its about time since I'm out of macro pics too. Haha

He arrived at my house around 1130 and we went off for an afternoon macro session. Here are some of the pics from the outing..

Ulat Bulu pakai Toncet (Caterpillar with the hair tied) - EXPLORED. Thx!

The Curve

HBW Caterpillar :P

Assassin & Its Catch?

The Thorny Devil (Yes, its a caterpillar)

Coccoon in a Net?

The rest of the set can be viewed here. A few more still not uploaded.
Macro @ Hutan Lipur Cherok To' Kun VI, a PhotoSet on Flickr

IR Fever?

I'm quite amazed by IR shots by pro photographers friends on Flickr. Amazing. Simply another side of the world we never seen before. So I tried to channel my time to learn some IR photography.

Been trying quite a while, a short chat on Facebook's comment with Doc Ali kinda solve a lot of things, or at least guide me to right path. Thanks doc. Check out Doc. Ali's site. /

Here are few of my trial shots..
Sunny Day in Penang (IR)

Daylight Blue (IR)

Stairs of Macro #2 (IR)

Stairs of Macro @ Hutan Lipur Cherok To' Kun

Hopefully I'll produce better pics when my problem in getting the right white balance is solved. Still trying tho..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Starry Starry Bokehs Video

Seems everyone with the 50mm f1.8 bokeh lens tried this trick before. Been thinking of doing it for a while, and the black sugar paper was on the table for a very long time.. Last night was a bit boring for me, so I decided to try. Instead of the heart shape, I chosen the star.

Luckily the festive running lights was still working, so I would get a good bokeh for the shot. Trying few times and I got the shot I wanted..
It look like this

Then suddenly an idea came to me to shoot it in video. Hey.. I got D90, surely I can shoot this in video :P So I shot a few and wallahhh!! It's a bokehs lightshow :P

Refer to this awesome and fantastic tutorial on bokeh :)
Amazing Bokeh Photography on Desizntech.Info

Monday, June 22, 2009

Penang State Marching Band Competition 2009

I was on my way back home from a meeting @ PPD Utara, when I saw the bands marching on the field. Ahhh!! I'm too late. Rushed back home, with the plan of taking Amzar with me to watch the marching bands.. but Amzar, as usual, prefer his PSP and TV rather than going.

When I was there, the show was nearly over. I quickly moved closer to shoot some expressions of the participating teams.
Here are some of my favourite shots.

Penang State Marching Band Competition 2009








and this is totally my favourite :)
I think she's from SGGS. The serious, passionate look really captured my attention.

The rest of the shots can be viewed here
Penang State Marching Band Competition 2009 by Sir Mart, a PhotoSet on Flickr

** All pictures is copyrighted and any use of the pics my be linked back to my site.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birding @ Home

My lucky day, shot some cool shots just outside my house :)

Philippine Glossy Starlings


Large Bug Caught!!

This is how I swallow a large bug!

A very noisy Barbet :P

Another Red Eyed

Bokehed Birdy

Monday, June 15, 2009

Autocity Frenzy

Last weekend was the Autocity Carnival. Been knowing bout the buzz of photographers and Autocity before but I haven't try going before. So I decided to try out on the event, plus meeting friends from Penang Flickr.

We had a small TT @ Old Town where I met Lipanz, Ronie & Jeevi. Then we met a few more including Mac. Well the buzz was true. Autocity was like a photographer's magnet. Everywhere, there's photographers. I bet there must be more than 200 photographers around.

WHY? Just look at these... Cool Cars, Hot Babes, u do the maths...

Pimp Up Rides Bokeh

Autocity Carnival Babes #1

Autocity Carnival Babe #2

Autocity Carnival Babes #3

Autocity Carnival Babes #4

and here's my fav shot. Still couldn't decide which one I like, B&W or Color, but surely the model is so cute :)

GT Girl in B&W (I couldn't make up my mind)

GT Girl in Color (What about this one?)

So which one is your choice?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birding @ Byram

Another outdoor session for me. Just thought of where's the best place to test my Sigma APO 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM lens, so I went to Byram with my photography buddy Ronienana. He is equipped with a new toy too.. D300 with Tamron 70-200 f2.8.

Here are some of the pics taken, which one of it got to Explore on Flickr. :P
Forest KingFisher

Two Headed

Flying Duck Reflection


Forest Kingfisher #2

The rest of the shots, can be viewed here..
Byram Outing, a photoset on Flickr

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rizal & Zaida Wedding Reception @ Kepala Batas

I spent more than a day to complete the editing of this reception.. from the morning till night, the reception continues. Started from the arrival of the bride n groom till the cake cutting ceremony at night, shooting for wedding ceremony is much tougher than I think... I guess I'll be sticking to outdoors :)

Here are few of the shots I took from 70+ shots edited..











The rest of the shots including shots with family & friends can be viewed on my flickr..

Rizal & Zaida - Wedding Reception @ Kepala Batas - A Photoset on Flickr