Monday, June 29, 2009

M4SC Annual Ride '09

It's been two years since I attended M4SC's annual ride. This year I nearly miss it again, due to health and program held at school. Luckily I manage to ride alone to Teluk Batik and meet my friends. I had a great time despite the sickness. I also manage to shoot a few panoramic shots of Teluk Batik..
Here are the pics from the events..

Group Shot #1 - Panorama Version
Group Shot 1 : Annual Ride 09

Group Shot #2 - Wide version
Group Shot 2 : Annual Ride 09

Teluk Batik - Playing with Cokin
Teluk Batik, Lumut, Malaysia

Purple Tree (IR)
Purple Tree (IR)

BBC Chapter and me
Bukit Beruntung Chapter

For AR2010...
Serah Tugas

The rest of the shots can be viewed here..
M4SC Annual Ride 2009