Monday, June 15, 2009

Autocity Frenzy

Last weekend was the Autocity Carnival. Been knowing bout the buzz of photographers and Autocity before but I haven't try going before. So I decided to try out on the event, plus meeting friends from Penang Flickr.

We had a small TT @ Old Town where I met Lipanz, Ronie & Jeevi. Then we met a few more including Mac. Well the buzz was true. Autocity was like a photographer's magnet. Everywhere, there's photographers. I bet there must be more than 200 photographers around.

WHY? Just look at these... Cool Cars, Hot Babes, u do the maths...

Pimp Up Rides Bokeh

Autocity Carnival Babes #1

Autocity Carnival Babe #2

Autocity Carnival Babes #3

Autocity Carnival Babes #4

and here's my fav shot. Still couldn't decide which one I like, B&W or Color, but surely the model is so cute :)

GT Girl in B&W (I couldn't make up my mind)

GT Girl in Color (What about this one?)

So which one is your choice?