Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Green Crested Lizard | Rekreasi Tupah

Green Crested Lizard | Agamidae | Bronchocela cristatella | Rekreasi Tupah

I was about to shoot a rather small sized jumper when PakSu Najdi told me there's a green beauty on a tree, across the river stream. And when I saw it, wow.. Such a beauty not to be missed. I wanted to share the beauty with everyone, so I took a video after taking my 'insurance' shot..

These kind of animals will exist as long as us, the humans keeps on taking care of our environment. I am hoping that the mentality of the visitors of rekreasi Tupah will always remember how important it is to take care and take care of the cleanliness of these places, so it will remain pristine and our future generation will also able to enjoy the nature, and the beauty it offers..