Monday, June 7, 2010

Light Trails @ Seberang Jaya

The Red Lights :) (by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™)

Night Life | B&W (by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™)

White Lights  (by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™)

I guess this is the simplest yet fun thing to do when you're planning to shoot at night. Simple setting, f22, ISO ranging from 100-400-800, depends on you, 30sec or bulb exposures, on a tripod, on timer, then the WB adjusted to what you like, I prefer redness, so I choose cloudy, and if you like white lights, adjust it to Tungsten ..
Try it.. it's freakin' fun :)

For more light trails; visit my Flickr on this set:
Light Trails