Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jom Macro III : Concluded

Aha, seems everyone blogs nowadays. I rarely writes anything at all now, except reading others. But then feels like missing my old website "" where I used to write everything about me, my whereabouts, my projects etc. So I guess from now on I'll make use of this blog with and blogs about my photoshoots session.

So we finished Jom Macro III with a bit of a twist. With only me with the 'complete' gear, I'm quite worried on how to convince my friends to join me. Luckily they're up to the challenge and tried macro.

We had a great time shooting and I met Azura Zainal with "Eksplorasi" crew shooting at the National Park.

So here are few of the pics from my trip, Jom Macro Part III
Jom Macro III with Eksplorasi Team

Here's the crazy group shot photoshoot...
Group Shot @ Sg Tukun
Having Fun #2Having Fun #1

Here are some of my best shots. Just click the pic to view it larger.
Jom Macro III : Sick RobberflyJom Macro III : Wasp

Jom Macro III : Hunter & PreyJom Macro III : Centred

:::: I've been TAGGED:::: Jom Macro III : Punk RockerJom Macro III : Tiny Red Spider

This have been Jom Macro III, and I can't wait for more sessions.
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