Sunday, April 12, 2009

Outing & BBQ!!

Yesterday isn't any typical Saturday. It's school day as usual. After school I went to Cik Pah's house attending her lil new born's Aqiqah feast. Right after that I shoot off to Penang for a Photowalk with my friends from Penang Flickr.
Groupshot : Penang FLickr Photowalk @ Heritage Sites

After the photowalk we went to Padang Kota, had a little classroom from Ronienana, teaching me CLS. Met Iz & Farah AF (oops. Safina) and went for some Lai Chi Kang @ the astaka.

About 630 I shoot off to Capt. Shukri's (M4SC Bradpitt) house, for M4SC BBQ. Had lots of food there. I even had lobster, thanks to Alip!
Here's the group shot..!
BBQ M4SC @ Capt. Shukri's 11 April 2009

It was a fun & tiring day but then I'm totally satisfied. Met frens from near & far, it's been one of the best Saturday for me.